Yuwei Pan

I am an organizer, creative technologist and communications strategist. 

I make the unimaginable and invisible into the tangible and believable, and to invigorate radical re-imagination of our future.

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“An artist's duty is to reflect the times.” — Nina Simone.

“Artists are the gatekeepers of truth. We are civilization’s radical voice.” — Paul Robeson

A New World Order

Participatory Installation
Voting booths, ballot box, flag and sign, 2018

Des Lee Gallery
St Louis, MO

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Through my work “A New World Order,” I question the extent to which the color Millennial Pink changes our perceptions of

objects and even influences our unconscious decisions, by imagining what it would look like if on the institutional level pink’s “feminizing” power is put into good use – to reduce perceived violence for a kinder society –in a fictional feminist utopia/dystopia.

“We the people, in order to create a new world order and to
defend our humanity, establish justice, instill empathy in our citizens, protect peace from violence, and sustain the aura of
tenderness and innocence all over our country.”