Yuwei Pan

I am an organizer, creative technologist and communications strategist. 

I make the unimaginable and invisible into the tangible and believable, and to invigorate radical re-imagination of our future.

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“An artist's duty is to reflect the times.” — Nina Simone.

“Artists are the gatekeepers of truth. We are civilization’s radical voice.” — Paul Robeson

Introducing Shame Case X ProFIT

“What is important to keep in mind is that valuing the hip entrepreneurs of digital production more than those who materially produce the things that make cybercultures possible is a political choice with political consequences for millions of people.”

T. V. Reed Digitized lives C2. 
How is the digital world made? The dreamers/workers/users production cycle

The materiality of technology is often hidden from view. Thinking about databases, we often ignore the fact that it takes so much natural resources and space just for us to watch Netflix or text funny cat pictures to our friend. Because technology companies have made these devices and services so frictionless, it is easy to forget that conflict minerals are used in electronic components and computer products, our iPhones are assembled in factories with questionable labor practices, and that browsing the internet contributes greatly to global warming.

I want to make a series of cases for smart phones, laptops and other digital devices that remind people where our technologies come from. Using the visual language and content writing strategy in lifestyle brands (like goop) and apple ads, I am calling out marketing that attempts at woke-washing and erasing the problems in the supply chain. The irony lies in these cases made for people who are conscious of the problems behind the products are used to signal that those people are socially aware. These are pictures of child labor, conflict mineral mines or Foxconn factory dormitory with suicide-prevention nets. In further editions, I also added metal studs so that there is a visceral discomfort and more friction when used.

The white background, bold sans-serif font and product photography are clear references for Apple, but ideally this project would be with a more diverse set of technology companies. I am aware that I am being a little unfair to Apple, because it is leading in refusing conflict minerals in its products compared to its competitors Sony and Samsung. My own privilege of using exclusively apple product has, ironically, restricted the effectivity of this project.